Monday, July 11, 2011

Liz Taylor Indians

When I look at this painting I see a combination of strength and senuality and pride. Strength of a strong warrior, sensuality of the woman and pride of the Indian nation and their beliefs. The colors of red,green,yellow,gold give the painting a sense of dignity and honor amongst the people and their beliefs,their lands and their heritage. The woman of these powerful warriors have a sense of duty and faithfulness to their people, their strength and honor show how strong  they can be when it comes down to it.
This painting symbolizes the way of the native nation and how they all stick together in the time of need and war. The beauty of this painting gives their story to all who can understand and comprehend the ways of the native american ways.
In this painting you can see many different scenes,like in the headdress there are leaves instead of feathers, and then theres a mans head under the indians chin and don'tlet the pottery full you in the far right corner,or the man leanung inbetween the two pictures, the brick wall or the plains under the cheifs shoulders. Their are many different stories here, you just have to use your imagination and go from there.

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